My Acting Class
When I'm around actors who are passionate about chasing the work, I'm my happiest. My favorite places to be are rehearsals, sound stages, theaters, classes and locations. I love actors and acting.
I believe the only way to teach acting is to encourage and nurture my students.
It's so important for actors to be emotionally available and sensitive in our work.
Ideally our emotional life is expressed in a spontaneous and instinctive way. If we worry about being judged by the audience, other actors, or even ourselves (the harshest judge of all), we tend to put on a protective mask.
No actor should ever worry about getting it "right" and doing it "perfectly".
No such thing. If we seek to understand and accept who we are, and express that in our work, we will be unique. We will be perfect. Perfectly ourselves, unlike any other. That pursuit needs our truth.
We need to have a safe place to express our deepest thoughts and feelings in service to our acting. And we need to be able to make mistakes and fall on our face, and then get back to it with enthusiasm and passion.
Acting is simple entertainment. We hope we tell a story that will entertain.
I also think at the very highest level of acting, we can move the audience deeply.
These stories that we tell can change someone's life.
A person in the audience might see that story and feel that it's their story; that it spoke to, or challenged a deeply held belief. It's possible that the experience of watching a movie or play or TV show can be a spiritual one.
That is the level of acting that I believe we can all achieve, if we're willing to do the work.
Through our training, on our way to achieving the highest level, the goal is becoming a solid professional craftsperson. And if we're doing our job, the audience is entertained by the story.
If we're determined, disciplined and lucky, we can almost change someone's life.
I think anyone can develop the skills, instincts and imagination to soar as an actor.
It starts with your passion.
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